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Hello and Welcome!

My journey into the world of nursing started with a childhood dream, a dream that transformed into a deep-seated passion for nursing and education. As early as seven years old, I knew I was destined to be a nurse

This wasn't just a child's passing fancy; it was my calling. A school assignment from those years, which my mother had lovingly saved and presented to me at my high school graduation, bore testament to my longstanding goal.

I walked the path many students do, through moments of doubt and average grades, but my determination carved my way forward. My academic adventure started at a humble community college, juggling day jobs and night classes. The nights spent studying culminated in an acceptance letter to a nursing program that marked the start of a challenging yet fulfilling journey to my vocation.

Two decades later, that pursuit has solidified into a nursing career that fills me with pride. My credentials now span from my initial nursing studies at Mass Bay Community College to my Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Massachusetts Boston, crescendoing at Framingham State University where I obtained a Master of Science with a specialty in Nursing Leadership. My path has been more about perseverance and hard work than about natural brilliance, and it is a journey I am eager to share with others.

My Mission: Empowerment Through Education


Empowering others has become the cornerstone of my mission. With years of accumulated experience and observation in the field of nursing, I've poured my learnings into the creation of specialized courses. With offerings like "New Nurse Navigator: From NCLEX to Bedside Mastery," my objective is to bridge the gap that often exists between academic nursing education and real-world clinical skills.

My mission is more than just teaching; it's about instilling resilience, confidence, and competence in nurses regardless of the stage in their careers. From supporting new graduates to enhancing the expertise of seasoned professionals, I am committed to providing the tools needed to tackle modern healthcare's complexities with critical thinking, precision, and empathy.

A Personal Welcome: Join Educational Nurse

Welcome to my world; a world that is not just about surviving in the healthcare industry but thriving with passion and excellence. 

Are you a new nurse or off orientation and still need direction? That's why I'm here!

Your Bridge to Excellence: Real-World Readiness

Our courses serve as a crucial bridge between the classroom and the clinical setting, ensuring you're not just prepared, but exceptional at what you do. Crafted by an experienced RN who has weathered the complexities of a two-decade career, Educational Nurse is intimately familiar with the gaps that exist between nursing education and practice. We don't just teach; we prepare warriors of care.

Thrive in the Pulse of Modern Healthcare

Dive into interactive modules, helpful PDFs, and real-world scenarios that foster competence and confidence. Our expert-led coures and vibrant community offer an unparalleled networking matrix. Here, you join not just a course but a movement - one that values resilience, champions well-being, and cultivates leadership that transforms healthcare delivery.

Embrace the Journey, Ignite Your Passion

The cadence of a nursing career is rapid and relentless; it demands a professional evolution that keeps pace with healthcare innovation. Educational Nurse is dedicated to your evolution. Engage with us and reignite that initial spark that called you to nursing. Let us guide you into becoming a lighthouse of care, illuminating the lives of patients with expertise and the warmth of your compassion.

Take the step with Educational Nurse today. That's why I created this course. It's everything I wish I knew in my first few years of nursing.

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